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Paper 12 Unit 4 Major Role of Inclusive Education
Health and Physical Education Measure of infection
Paper 12 Instructional Accommodation
Paper 12 Curriculum Accomodation
School Gender Society Need & Importance of interation
School Gender Society Part 13
Health and Physical Education (Communicable diseases)
Organisation of Curriculum Reviewing & Renewal stages
Criteria of formulating Education Objective
School, Gender, Society Part 12
Cooperative Learning
Health and Physical Education Vitamins &Water
School, Gender, Society Part 11
Role of School Administration & Development Organisation Curriculum
Paper 12 Inclusive Education Part II
Part 12 Inclusive Education Part I
Difference Between syllabus & Curriculum
Paper 12 Whole Class Teaching
Health and Physical Education Balance Diet
National Level Agencies Part II
Health and Physical Education Balance Diet
State and National Agencies Part I
Paper 12 Activity Based Learning
Paper 12 Collaborative Teaching
Gender School Society Part 7
National education policy
School Philosopy Part 7
Paper 12 Part 8 Impairing Hearing
Health & Physical Education Paper 13
Health & Physical Education Paper 13
Gender School Society Part 5

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